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Helen Morris of Philadelphia. One time fiancee of William P.
Helen Morris: Philly,Pa: Old Flame William P. Mary Daugherty
Mangans 262 Front St.
ot32003 Etta LaLonde & Harry Baker (Etta was a bridesmain in Nana's wedding)
Invisible Woman Jim Rigney
ot29003  Paul Burns ot33001 Jim Rigney Jr., Nephew of Martha Browne Maher, Son of Jim Rigney (cousin) and Nell Ryan Rigney
Paul Burns Jim Rigney Leo Davis
ot36001 ma37002
Mary Daugherty
Class of 1951 SPA Chem. Lab. Joey Guinane, Betty Rogan, ?, John Husnay, Clem Fehely, ?, Adelina Sassani, Rita Connors, Marian Driscol

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